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Multi-tier/Client Server


If you read 10 books on multi-tier and client server development, you will get 10 different "correct" approaches on how and why to implement this solution.  So which approach is the right approach?


No one understands your business like you!

First of all, a multi-tier/client server solution cannot be implemented until the nature of the client's business is fully understood.  I.T. Source Corporation will work closely with you to determine what business rules and constraints are to exist in the application.  It may be that a full n-tier solution is not required to achieve optimal results.  Some consulting companies push expensive technology, we deliver appropriate solutions.


Funding constraints... an interesting concept!

Many times, n-tier solutions require major investments in hardware and software to support the anticipated network traffic and processing.  I.T. Source Corporation understands that not every client is going to be able to afford the latest technology.  Perhaps, your server is already highly utilized, yet your client workstations are state-of-the-art.  This scenario might lend itself to placing more business logic on the workstation instead of on the server.  We will work with you.


We deliver success!

Consulting companies measure success different ways.  Some companies measure success solely on delivering a solution on time and under budget.  While those criteria are important, they are provider-centric instead of partner-centric.  With over 14 years of system development experience, I.T. Source Corporation will deliver your solution on time and under budget.  But more importantly, we also ensure that you, our partner, will be successful in utilizing a system that accurately and efficiently performs its intended business functions.



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